Translation and Legalisation of Personal Documents

We have noticed that a lot of our clients have lately been showing great interest in apostille and document legalisation services. This is connected with relocation of companies’ personnel and their families. Therefore, now we provide personal documents translation and legalisation services, not only for corporate clients but also individuals.

People are often forced to adjust their plans, as they did not look into the apostille service in advance. Our bureau assists in obtaining an apostille and having it placed (as confirmation of signatures and stamps) on documents required for submission abroad or to the representation of another country in Russia.

If you are interested in obtaining an apostille, we advise you to take the following important points into account:

1. It is recommended to apply for an apostille well in advance. In the past, it took quite a while to obtain an apostille but the time required has now doubled because the Ministry of Justice is so overworked.

2. An apostille is placed by the country in which the document was issued. For example, if your birth certificate was issued in one of the former Soviet republics, only this republic may place an apostille on the document. You may order an apostille through us.

3. An apostille could be placed on either the original document or a notarised copy. If you already know the body for which you need the apostille, it is advisable to find this out in advance.

We promptly arrange for personal documents to be translated into any language you might need and have the translation notarised. Amaranthe Translations helps in having powers of attorney, various legal documents and their copies authenticated and verified, along with the document translator’s signature. Our team is always ready to help you obtain an apostille and have your documents legalised. We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about obtaining apostilles and consular legislation by tel.: +7 (495) 136-26-08 or email:

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