Technical Translation Bureau – in Tune with the Times

Rapid developments in engineering and other technologies has increased demand for such service as the technical translation bureau. The implementation of either large-scale or customized development projects requires the engagement of skillful translators to achieve success.

A technical translation bureau is integral in delivering projects based on overseas technologies into Russia, and in exporting national technologies abroad. The translating work ranges from preparing papers for decision-making, to commissions for the construction of facilities.

Our technical translation bureau renders full-fledged assistance to customers in translating such materials as feasibility studies, designs, and estimates. We provide specialized inter-preters and translators for operations on site, either during preparatory stages or directly during the course of facility construction – including for startup, installation supervision, and commissioning.

Technical translations are also an indispensable part of preparing bidding documents and tenders. Engineering documents pertaining to cutting-edge technologies require exacting translation. New technologies mean an ever-evolving core of understanding by the translator.

Technical translation is one of the core business lines of Amaranthe Translations. Our team of highly skilled interpreters and translators is qualified to deliver on any challenging tasks in this industry segment.

Our clients can always be confident that a required technical translation will be completed in time and with the highest terminological quality.

To make an order for a technical translation, please fill in the form; or contact us by phone at +7 (495) 136-26-08, or by email at

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