Simultaneous Interpreting – at the Highest Level

The need for simultaneous interpretation is at the forefront in the translation business. All major international events – such as UN General Assembly meetings, G20 summits, forums, and conferences – are always supported by simultaneous interpreting.

Russia proactively participates in the international agenda, and is often the organizer of political, economic, and other large events and conferences. Simultaneous interpreters are in great demand at events staged throughout the country, such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and the Russian Energy Week.

Amaranthe Translations is a provider of linguistic support services in this interpretation segment, where the success of an event may in part depend on the quality of the interpretation personnel. Our interpreters provided simultaneous interpretation services at leading international events in the UN, the WHO, UNESCO, the London Court of International Arbitration, and the center for the development and testing of polymer products in the Skolkovo Innovation Hub. We are always ready to accommodate all of the specific requests and concerns of our clients, and in every organizational and technical aspect.

Our portfolio for simultaneous interpretation comprises industry conferences, business forums, corporate forums of multinational corporations, executive meetings, seminars, and training sessions.

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