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Legal translation
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The translation of documents regulating legal relations demands precision and a lack of ambiguity in the wording. Specialists have to know the terms, legal structures, and commonly used expressions. They must have a professional grasp of translation techniques and be able to convey the exact content. The slightest error or distortion of meaning could have grave consequences, causing the client material or reputational harm.

Our professional translators of legal texts preclude any distortion in the meaning of the original document. They grasp the legal systems of different countries and the respective legal concepts, as well as the appropriate style. As a rule, legal translators have a relevant education and considerable experience of working in the given sphere.

Legal translation covers civil, commercial, administrative, tax, and criminal law. The translator has to take into account the purpose of the translation and whether it needs to be notarised.

If urgent translation of a large volume is needed, several of our specialists can work simultaneously.

The editor ensures the document’s style consistency and compares it with the original. If the client wishes, the translation may be edited by a native speaker who unifies the wording and ensures coherence. We harmonise the terms and common legal expressions in all your documents using professional software, as well as glossaries discussed in detail both in-house and with the client.

Legal documents often involve complex formatting dictated by strict standards. In these cases, we can provide additional services of digital layout experts.

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We would be pleased to offer you legal translation services in Moscow.

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