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Translation of scientific and technical literature
from and into Russian

The translation of scientific texts from and into Russian is a long, resource intensive, and important process. Its significance cannot be overestimated: Publications in English, for instance, are known to be read and cited more often than those in other languages. Additionally, if you need to present your research results to a foreign audience at an international conference, you will also require the services of a professional written translator.

One important feature of working with such documents consists in the specialist needing, not only an excellent knowledge of the original and target languages, but also an understanding of the subject matter of the published work, as well as of general and specific scientific terms.

We engage only translators with a command of the style characteristic of the given field, and with extensive knowledge and experience of translating in this sphere of research. This is a vital approach for such texts since it ensures a correct translation. A wrongly translated term can distort the meaning of the entire work and bring the researcher’s efforts to nothing.

Our qualified Russian speaking experts translate a scientific work without missing a single detail or distorting the logic of the arguments therein. As a result, international colleagues can make proper assessments of the research in a foreign language. We are glad to contribute to developing communications within the scientific community and popularising science, so we approach such tasks with all due seriousness.

Amaranthe Translations makes written translations of scientific articles, reports, dissertations, and studies. During their work, our translators collaborate closely with the client. They seek clarity on the author’s train-of-thought and the logic of the argumentation, ensuring that the essence of the research and the results are correctly understood. This way, you can be sure of the quality of the translated text.

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We would be pleased to offer you translation services for scientific reports and publications.

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