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Document translation for courts
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A variety of documents might need to be submitted to judicial bodies depending on the nature of the case. Each of them will have to be translated into the language of the legal jurisdiction or into an established language used by the international instance considering the case. There are exceptions when the language is decided by agreement between the parties to the judicial proceedings.

Courts hear matters concerning personal relations between citizens of different countries (most commonly spouses) and labour legislation, disputes between legal entities, and so on. Notarised translations are often needed for court cases. To preclude inaccuracies, an editor has to take part.

The layout of documents when translated for court purposes plays quite an important role. Such documents must conform to the original, provide information in an accessible format and meet the written evidence requirements (set, for example, in the Code of Administrative Justice and the Commercial Procedure Code).

Otherwise, documentary evidence is recognised as inadmissible. Specialists working on court translations need a strong grasp of the legal systems of different countries, legal terminology, and the appropriate style of writing. As a rule, they are translators with experience in working in the legal field.

When preparing documents for court, protection of the information plays a fundamental role. If necessary, the Amaranthe Translations team working on your court files will use only external carriers and dispatches by courier, preventing any information leaks from network servers. With us, you can be sure of the confidentiality, precision, and legal competence of translations for court purposes.

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