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Technical translation agency
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Technical translation is one of the most demanding types of written translation. Only an experienced specialist with a thorough grasp of the relevant field, its terminology, and its requirements on standard documents can perform to the highest quality.

Translation of technical documents from and into Russian

The translation of technical passports, manuals, equipment user instructions, special literature, and technical articles demands a knowledge of the industry’s vocabulary, observance of the original style, and maximum accuracy. A technical translator knows the relevant terminology, yet still uses appropriate dictionaries, handbooks, and materials provided by the client. Our personnel regularly study related foreign-language literature and documentation, using it as the basis for producing a precise, verified, idiomatic, and terminologically irreproachable text.

Translation of feasibility studies from and into Russian

A project feasibility study — in other words an analysis of the economic soundness of the project — determines whether it is implemented and establishes the expectations of all stakeholders. If foreign legal entities or individuals are being considered as investors, the feasibility study will need to be translated. The decision taken by potential partners might depend directly on the translation’s quality. Therefore the role of the specialists that prepare the feasibility study for presentation in another language goes beyond just translating. They must work carefully with the meaning, priorities, and financial data, and ensure that the graphic materials (drawings, charts, and diagrams) conform to the original. This work directly involves industry experts and may include several iterations with input from representatives of the client.

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We would be pleased to offer you technical translation services.

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