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Translation of patents in Moscow and online

Patenting is usually understood as the registration of rights to inventions, though the concept is actually much broader. In Russia, a patent officially certifies the copyright to a utility or industrial model or, for instance, a selection achievement. It describes the invention and its field of application, confirms and substantiates its originality, and provides a diagram, drawing or blueprint of it, as well as a complete description, including formulae.

The translation of such a document into various languages is vital; after all, there is no such thing as an international patent today. Patents are only valid for a specific territory, so in each country where you wish to protect your rights to your invention, you need to submit an application to the appropriate department to obtain the patent document issued as per the effective regulations. A translated patent may also be notarised in your own country, in which case it will have legal effect in a number of other countries.

It is best to entrust the translation of a patent to professionals, as there is no universal approach suitable for this work. To do it well, the translator has to be a specialist in the innovation’s field of application. The subject matter is as diverse as human creativity. The translation of patents for innovations in medicine, light industry, electronics, and other industries requires the skills of specialists with a professional knowledge of the given sphere.

The translator must also know and take into account the specific features of patent documentation in different countries. In some places, the information is set forth creatively and freely; whereas in others, a stricter, more legal, descriptive style is the norm. Texts have to be adapted to the requisite style and interpret all provisions accurately to preclude ambiguity.

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