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Translation oil&gas sector from and into Russian

In the world today, everything relating to the oil-and-gas industry is of tremendous importance. The oil industry impacts on exchange rates, the status of many countries’ economies, and the development of trade relations between them. Even though the future will be for renewable energy sources, oil and gas prices will remain a regulating factor of the global economy and a guarantee of exporting countries’ welfare for many years to come.

Russian translators play a tremendous role in the oil-and-gas sphere. Important events are held regularly at different levels, including summits. So the demand for both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is constantly increasing. An important skill for such translators is the ability to present clearly what the speaker is saying about the most complex processes and facilities. There is also a professional lingo an interpreter needs to know when working in the field and when partners from different countries meet at production sites. Additionally, the specialist has to know and take into account the context of the events taking place, as well as being generally well-read and informed.
Large-scale research and development is ongoing in the oil-and-gas industry, so the need regularly arises for the translation of engineering documentation, scientific works, equipment test reports, and technical instructions.

Our Russian translators have accumulated substantial linguistic assets. These include translation memory files for standard documents in the industry (from financial reporting and annual production reports, to technical drawings or feasibility studies), thereby enabling them to optimise translation speed and improve the quality of the text produced for the client.
Our company has Russian professionals in this sphere, including ones with experience in working for oil-and-gas majors. They have grasped the fine points of the sector’s subject matter and the technical terms, and are able to work with complex drawings and diagrams.

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