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Professional medical translators from and into Russian

Translation of medical texts requires extensive special knowledge. We can provide translators who are both fluent in the relevant language and have an education and experience in working in the medical sphere. With these skills, they precisely convey the nuances of the terminology, translate abbreviations, and observe the requirements on executing texts in such narrow specialisations as: surgery, cardiology, oncology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, allergology, and many more.

Translations of medical documents from and into Russian

Individuals need medical documents to be translated so that they can travel abroad for treatment, study (higher educational institutions sometimes demand statements in a strictly determined format), and receive insurance payments if an insured event occurs abroad. Our agency’s specialists translate any personal medical documents, from vaccination cards to analysis results.

Translation of medical articles, medical documentation from and into Russian

Not only individuals, but also legal entities require medical translation services for instructions to accompany medications, scientific publications, research results, and more. One specific feature of translating medical subject matter is the regular appearance of new developments (technologies, methods, and devices) and, consequently, their names and manuals. Our specialists keep on top of the latest information, maintaining their knowledge in the field in order to translate, not just term by term, but to convey the meaning accurately. They also monitor the development of arguments in a scientific article in order to understand the essence of the results achieved. At Amaranthe Translations, publications and documents are translated by qualified experts working at the forefront of the sector.

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We would be pleased to offer you medical translation services.

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