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In the world of economic relations, virtually everyone comes across the concept of the commercial offer. Translation may be required if an organisation is planning to expand its geographical coverage, or seek partners, clients, or investors abroad.

A commercial-offer translator must have experience and professional knowledge in the client’s business area. Then they will be able best to convey the meaning imbedded in the document and modify the text to the foreign reader’s perception. Representatives of different national cultures often see one and the same phenomenon in totally disparate ways.

The translator must have a broad outlook and know and take into account the historical, cultural, social, and other specifics of the commercial offer’s audience nation. Even seemingly insignificant nuances, the outer appearance of the presentation, and the images used in it could play a role in this. Sometimes, even the title of the project might need to be changed if the original version is unacceptable or ineffective to local ears.

Translation of a commercial offer demands close attention, proficiency, and competence. Factual and linguistic errors and confused and illogical wordings are unacceptable. If just a few commas are missing, this might seem insignificant; but in fact, professional written communication is one of the fine points that create a company’s image.

In translating a commercial offer, it is important organically to combine the accurate delivery of information with a creative thrust and the selective use of successful marketing and PR methods. This largely determines whether the specialist is able to present the client’s goods or services in a favourable light to those reading the commercial offer.

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