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Translation for pharma companies
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Pharmaceutical translations are among the most complex and carry immensely important responsibilities. The correct prescription of medicines and patients’ health depend on them being accurate and complete.

Such work is most in demand among pharmaceutical companies that must register new imported medicines or are entering the international market. In 2014, imported medicines accounted for 77% of the total market, which amounted to USD 13 billion, according to analytical research by DSM Group. At the same time, as per the legislation, the package insert to each imported medicine must be accompanied by a Russian-language equivalent.

Pharmaceutical translations require specialists with a thorough knowledge of the industry and an impeccable grasp of the terminology and names of medicines. Our translators are experts in medical specifications, being familiar with the requirements on the layout of such documents in the international legal field. They translate in accordance with the latest amendments to regulations and legal acts covering how the texts in your industry must be drawn up.

A particular line of this work consists in notarised medical translation, which is often required by pharma companies when preparing inserts for medicine packaging, instructions for taking medicines and details of contraindications and other such documents. To do this, the services of a translator with a professional knowledge of the terminology and of the field itself are vital.

Our company can provide the services of a specialist experienced in working with pharmaceutical texts to fulfil your request in a quality and timely fashion. This translator will not only be fluent in the foreign language, but also deeply familiar with the fine points of the pharmaceutical field.

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We would be pleased to offer you pharmaceutical translation services.

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