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We work with professional translators who have special knowledge and experience in various industries.

As international co-operation in this industry expands, the demand is growing for supporting collaboration between companies from different countries with both interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) and translation. At our agency, such projects are allocated to personnel with a profound knowledge of the oil-and-gas industry and many years’ experience of providing linguistic services to companies in this sector.

Among the main factors taken into account when translating official documents into foreign languages are the requirements in place in the country to whose government bodies they are to be submitted. Amaranthe Translations engages professionals for this work who take all the nuances into consideration and perform the work within the tightest possible deadlines.

Any documents regulating legal relations must be worded grammatically and unambiguously. The translator has to have an excellent grasp of the legal systems of different countries, and of the main concepts and appropriate language style. Our specialists have a legal and linguistic education, plus valuable experience of performing such work.

Establishing circumstances connected with the protection of honour and dignity, infringement on copyrights and other rights, terms and conditions of commercial contracts, situations when the degree of similarity between names and trademarks has to be determined, and other such tasks are shouldered by professionals with linguistic expertise. Their services may be requested from our agency.

The outcome of litigations depends on how well written evidence or other texts are prepared for the court. With us, you can be sure that such documentation will be confidential, precise, and legally correct.

Financial paperwork and accounting statements are characterised by an abundance of rare and very specific terms, so a special knowledge is required for working with them. The translator must be fluent in the relevant language and also know all the ins-and-outs of maintaining financial and legal documentation in the given country.

Technical texts are the most difficult to translate. Only a professional with rich working experience and a knowledge of the relevant field, who is fully conversant with the terminology and the industry requirements on documents, is able to do this work to a high standard.

Pharmaceutical documents abound in special terminology. In addition to knowledge of the language, a qualified translator must also have a pharmaceutical or medical education. We can provide you with the services of experienced pharma experts.

Translators in this field need special knowledge and skills, and a profound understanding of the fine points of the terminology and the subject matter of the latest medical research. Our healthcare translators and editors have the appropriate educations and work experiences in this regard. The agency’s specialists produce high quality translations of personal medical documents, as well as of scientific articles, accounting ledgers, and equipment operating instructions.

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We would be pleased to offer you translation services in this field.

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