Oil and Gas Translation Service – Sector of Excellence

The oil and gas translation service provides multilingual support for the flagship of modern Russian economic development – the energy sector. As one of the world’s preeminent oil and gas producers and exporters, energy production, processing and transport accounts for an estimated third of Russian budget revenues.  Amaranthe has extensive experience working with the sector to ensure that communications – for investors, management, employees, buyers & sellers, as well as legal and corporate communications – is seamless, and always delivers the right message.

Oil and gas translation needs extend across corporate, technical, operational, legal, HR, and marketing materials, and can range from safety and HR advice in production fields, through processing, refinement and auditing documentation at key processing sites, and on to reporting and shipment documentation and advice. With Russia a key participant in the OPEC+ agreement, with Saudi Arabia and OPEC, language and communications support takes on an international dimension.

Professional oil and gas translation requires knowledge of specific aspects of the industry, and an ability to understand advanced technologies and scientific concepts being adopted to further production. With the energy sector a key driver of the Green Transition and the push for Net Zero on carbon emissions and Green House Gasses, and with ESG issues rapidly becoming a focus for the world, the Amaranthe team has renowned ability and skill to ensure that all translation needs can be achieved in a timely and quality manner.

Amaranthe Translations specialists are well versed in oil and gas translations – from on-site to refineries and through to conferences, negotiations and sector analysis events. Amaranthe offers the highest quality translation with the utmost professionalism, and a proven track record of customer service. We have successfully provided for many years, and continue to provide, communications and linguistic support for flagship companies in the sector.

To enquire about Amaranthe’s oil and gas communications and translation support, please contact us by phone at +7 (495) 136-26-08, send an email to contact@amaranthe.ru or fill in the form, and we will be in touch with you.

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