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Russian interpreters at a meeting

Every week, top managers take part in dozens of meetings, spending a total of about 60% of their working time on them. Such meetings produce vital decisions for the company on strategic and personnel matters, as well as major projects. To make meetings more efficient, skilled managers focus particularly on organising them carefully and ensuring that the relevant rules are observed. This is of particular importance if not all those taking part speak the same language. A language barrier can stretch out discussions and cause frequent distractions because of side issues.

A Russian professional interpreter can help resolve these problems and ensure proper communications at meetings. The smallest details of what is being said are crucial, so the essence must be conveyed in all its nuances. Here, if the speaker is an invited expert, the interpreter’s professional knowledge and competencies have a special impact, enabling the meeting participants to focus on the essence of the discussion.

If most of those involved launch a lively dialogue in their own language, Amaranthe Translations Russian interpreters help international colleagues maintain the thread of the discussion, conveying the main meaning of what is being said if the conversation is too rapid. If only one or two participants are invitees, the most suitable technique is whispered interpreting, allowing the meeting dynamics to be maintained.

Professional Russian interpreting helps overcome the language barrier: Any meeting participant, no matter what language they speak, can contribute to the discussion and share their ideas and thoughts, concentrating on resolving the main issues. In conjunction with observing time limits, this helps save perhaps hours of top managers’ valuable time. Quality interpreting enables people who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds to reach mutual understanding.

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