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Amaranthe Translations and Women in Mining
community announce partnership

Amaranthe Translations is actively growing its co-operation network. It is a particular pleasure to welcome as business partners companies that not only share but also energetically support our organisation’s values.

We present for your attention Women in Mining (, Women in Mining Russia is a non-profit organisation promoting the advancement and professional development of women in the mining and metals industry.

Within Women in Mining, the key roles at all levels belong to women who have personal experience of and cope outstandingly well with difficult work in the field.

Diversity & Inclusion is more than just a trend in Women in Mining; it is a major development resource. Different points of view, ideas and insights allow new tools to be created for fulfilling current tasks, while the women’s approach to business helps to view a situation from an exceptional angle, to analyse and adapt to current conditions, to find interesting solutions and seek out concealed growth points.

“Ours is an equal opportunity company for all our employees; we have always supported female leadership in different sectors, including mining, metals, energy, and oil&gas. Empathy, intuition and creative thinking are the Soft Skills women are born with. This enables us to expand our horizons, reach new heights, break down stereotypes and fill our client and partner portfolios with both Russian and foreign companies”, recounts Elena Sipitsina, founder and CEO of Amaranthe Translations.

Within the partnership, we plan to take part in the Association’s events and to provide linguistic support to members and partners of Women in Mining.

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