Elena Sipitsina, Founder of Amaranthe Translations

«Translation – this is our business and the business of our lives. Entrust your translation projects to us, the professionals, and be assured of the quality of the translations.»

Elena Sipitsina,
Founder of Amaranthe Translations,
simultaneous interpreter with more than 15 years of experience

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The Amaranthe Translations team has taken shape fairly recently, as a community of highly-qualified professionals from various spheres, but its quality performance has already attracted many compliments. Initially, we focused on a certain type of customer – mostly Western companies and corporations operating in such areas as finance, oil and gas and law. As we have grown, our capabilities and possibilities have expanded as well, and we currently work with a variety of companies from different industries.

Many of our translators and interpreters also have degrees in law or finance, so they have a really good grasp of the subject matter and thus ensure high accuracy of translations and interpreting. Moreover, our interpreters regularly participate in the events both in Russia and abroad, which testifies to their high qualifications and allows them to keep in touch with the latest terminology and technology used in translation and interpreting.

At some stage in their careers, all of our interpreters have worked in-house for Western companies operating in various areas, so they have a solid theoretical and practical background for continuing to work successful in their subject area.

The editing system implemented in our company ensures the high quality of the work delivered by our translators – each finished piece is always proofread by a native speaker, and we also engage specialists working in such areas as geology, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and other subject areas.

All of our translators are advanced PC users which minimises technical support costs and saves time, when working in such formats as Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.

Our specialists also use Memsource – a computer-aided translation system allowing translators to ensure unified terminology within each individual project and speed up translation considerably without compromising on quality.

Our translators and interpreters provide active translation support for major transactions and projects, court proceedings, etc, and have proved their perfect understanding of how such sensitive information should be handled and adhere to the strictest translation standards and codes of business ethics.When deciding on engaging a translator or interpreter, we use a proprietary testing system developed by Amaranthe itself.


Our closely-knit team is always ready to take on board talented interpreters/translators and editors.

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